iSpQ VideoChat 9 Review

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PROS / iSpQ can work with virtually every web cam, making it easy to set up.

CONS / iSpQ is a chat room only and has no ability to make video calls.

VERDICT / iSpQ is a chat room with basic features and is not suggested if you want a service that will enable you to do a variety of tasks.

iSpQ Video Chat is a software which allows you access to a variety of different video chat rooms where you can make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

iSpQ has high quality video resolution which enhances clarity and makes seeing the person you are talking to easy and fun. With a gallery of profiles you can view the pictures of all iSpQ’s members and see who you would like to talk to. This can also be a drawback if you don’t want people you don’t know viewing your profile picture.

Video messaging with iSpQ enables you to record a message and send it to your iSpQ friends, or to someone else through your e-mail. Another messaging feature is V-Mail, which can take a video or picture and send it to anyone with an e-mail through iSpQ Video Chat.

iSpQ is a video chat IM software program based on chat rooms and provides you with a large community with a wide variety of people worldwide. Upon entering your iSpQ account, you will see a list of various themed chat rooms that are available. Alongside that, you can chat with buddy contacts stored in your buddy list. There are text effects, emoticons and a display picture to allow you to express yourself.

iSpQ has a few different measures of security to make sure your video chat IM software experience is enjoyable. The program will screen all incoming Quick Messages and warn you if the photo might contain objectionable material and in most cases succeed in flagging violators of iSpQ system policy.

The privacy settings of iSpQ can be set by you on your profile, allowing you to set your level of privacy. You can hide your profile information and hide the fact that you are online, but you can’t hide your profile picture. Also not available, is the ability to hide from unwanted contacts when you are in a public chat room.

iSpQ support consists of a support tab which will take you to a help guide with a list of categories where you can try to look up your question. You can also type in your question and do a search in a FAQ database. At the bottom of the iSpQ webpage there is a contact link where you can ask direct questions to iSpQ support through email.


iSpQ Video Chat has a large community which is very diverse and is a great service if you are just looking for someone to talk to. However, it does not offer live chat or video conferencing and includes only minimal features. For a product that has a wide variety of features, check out Windows Live Messenger.